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Get Civicized

C2 Jamon Teaching

Civicize.Me offers four unique programs for advancing civic leaders.

For each program, the Civicize.Me training format incorporates optimal teaching techniques for adult learners, is highly interactive and draws on the experience and knowledge of participants. Our place-based approach treats participants as experts on their communities, while also expanding their civic intelligence. Civicize.Me alum from any program are invited to join a private Facebook group to stay connected, continue learning from each other, and share ambitions, actions, opportunities and civic successes across communities.

Backyard Civics 101

Our 3-hour Backyard Civics 101 seminar provides an introduction to civic institutions in your state. The session includes historical context for our multi-layered government structure, briefly charts the branches of federal and state government, then focuses on demystifying your state’s county, municipal (city, township, village, etc.) and school district systems. We help participants understand their own backyard governments and their power within them. Participants leave having identified at least one personal ambition for civic engagement and their next steps toward achieving that ambition.

Civic Leadership Workshop

The 6-hour Civic Leadership Workshop is our Backyard Civics 101 seminar combined with exercises to help participants define the qualifications, expertise and talents they can bring to local government roles and decisions. Participants walk away confident in their ability to achieve their identified civic ambition.

Community Civic Leader Certification

Our place-based Community Civic Leader Certification takes place over 2.5 consecutive days, and includes site visits to backyard civic institutions and the opportunity to learn directly from local government officials. Participants will receive a certificate declaring their civic leadership, and will leave with an action plan for achieving a civic goal.

The Community Civic Leader Certification package generally includes:

  • Backyard Civics 101 overview
  • Building tours and engagement with officials in county, municipal and school district government
  • Claim Your Ambition, Own Your Expertise, Map Your Network
  • Personal Civic Goal-Setting, Ambition Action-Planning

Masters Civic Leader Intensive

A “graduate level” version of our Community Civic Leader Certification, this package is Civicize.Me’s signature place-based learning cohort model. By the end of the 6-day program, participants will have a master knowledge of their local civic institutions, as well as a well-defined action plan and leadership skills for achieving their civic ambition. Participants will receive an official Civicize.Me masters certificate, a personal Intercultural Development Inventory, and a pre- and post-cohort Civic Leadership Assessment.

The Masters Civic Leader Intensive package general includes:

  • Federal, State and Backyard Civics 101
  • Local & Regional Demographics
  • Deep Dives into County, City, School Districts, Judicial, Nonprofit systems
  • Unlock Your Authentic Self, Own Your Expertise, Map Your Network
  • Intercultural Development Inventory
  • Personal Civic Goal-Setting, Ambition Action Planning, Individual Coaching

Your community needs your passion and expertise, and Civicize.Me allows you the time and space you need to hone in on your gifts and knowledge, while equipping you with an understanding of the power structures unique to where you live. By the end of your training you will be skilled in recognizing resources, networks, and opportunities to address your community's most pressing needs with enthusiasm and confidence. - Grand Rapids Civicize Intensive Participant