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Whether you want to change the world or your neighborhood block, Civicize.Me helps you translate your experience and expertise into authentic civic leadership.

Civicize.Me is a civic leadership certification program building a pipeline of leaders in communities of all sizes. Our programs are open to anyone with an interest in growing vibrant communities. We believe that civic institutions and policymaking tables belong to each of us, and that we each have a right to lead within them. Civicize.Me can be structured to fit the needs of any community and to provide all Civicize Certified Civic Leaders with a course that fits their unique needs.

We meet you where you are - and help get you were you want to be.

Each Civicize Certified Civic Leader will walk away with

  1. A working knowledge of the school board, judicial, city or township, and county government systems
  2. A demonstrated understanding of intercultural competency and equity, with a strong base of knowledge on who lives, works and votes within their community
  3. The ability to work with local media and utilize social media for garnering votes and increasing advocacy efforts
  4. A definition of their own expertise and ability to outwardly express that expertise through public speaking
  5. An individualized action plan for accelerating their own civic leadership goal

Our Network Model

Civicize.Me is a cohort-based course providing participants the opportunity to build a close network of peers from across the nonprofit, public and corporate sectors in their own community. In addition to experienced trainers, Civicize.Me welcomes local public officials and community organizers to each course to facilitate specific sessions and provide insight on the communities they represent and work within. Our goal is to build networks within each community to ensure all Civicize Certified Civic Leaders have the resources they need to do their work most effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I use my Civicize Certification?

    Civicize Certified Civic Leaders have the skills and knowledge needed to work in many different roles in their community. With a Civicize Certification you will be qualified to support your neighbors in making the changes they desire in their community, participate in your local government through committees or boards, be an active nonprofit board member, lead groups looking to get proposals added to upcoming ballots, run for office, manage an advocacy campaign for your organization, and much more.

  • Who should attend Civicize courses?

    Civicize participants are not required to have any prior public leadership or political ambitions. We have built the curriculum to provide a learning opportunity for anyone interested in leading a change in their community, whether they are looking to put up a stop sign on a corner near their house, lobby their local school board for changes in their children's school, apply for a local committee seat, or get a proposal added to an upcoming ballot.

  • What can I expect from a Civicize course?

    The Civicize Certification program is a multi-dimensional program, built to provide you with an opportunity to learn from both thought leaders and individuals holding the roles you want in the future. You will work closely with your peers to build your own civic leadership competencies, get to know your local civic arenas, and network to support each other's goals. Each session in the Intensive Cohort model will include time in the classroom, time with local leaders, and a field trip to visit a local civic institution (school board, county and city hall, the courthouse, and a local nonprofit organization. 

  • I've worked in advocacy or lobbying in the past, how can this course help me?

    If you are a nonprofit professional working in advocacy or an interested citizen who has done this type of work in the past, Civicize can help you hone and enhance your skills. During your Civicize program you can take some time away from your  busy work to think specifically about how you can enhance your work and develop the skills you need to better energize your community for change.

  • What topics will be covered in the certification course?

    Each Civicize session will cover the topics of Civic Leadership, Democracy 101, Equity, Community Organizing, Owning your Expertise, Marketing Yourself, and Connecting with the Media. We will also explore the following civic arenas: local schools, county and city hall, the judicial system, nonprofits, and neighborhood associations. Find out more here

  • Will the Civicize course help me navigate my own community?

    The Civicize Certification is built to do exactly that. No matter what community we are in, the curriculum will focus on the specific policies, people, and places in that community and how to do the best work in that community. We will bring in leaders from that community to connect with participants and learn about the history of civic life in that community. If you are interested in bring Civicize to your community, find out more about how the program can be individualized for you.